We are proud to publish the two best essays written by two sommeliers that have passed the exam and obtained the I.S.A. Sommelier Award

Title of the essay


"Most restaurants do not employ a sommelier. Not yet. In those restaurants, manywaiters have to act as sommeliers.

Please write (400/500 words) how you could help the restaurateur discover the sommelier, the real expert for beverages and their management, and convincehim/her to engage one".


“Dear Peter,


I was in your restaurant yesterday. I must say it looks very professional, elegant, and what I love the most, the winelist is pretty long. I chose excellent bottle from Fitou. For me, it was a great evening, but there were guests in your restaurant who were unhappy with the waiter’s service. Your staff is like people in the fog.

Nowadays restaurants’ guests need sommeliers ! If you want your restaurant to be modern and popular in this city, you should engage one.

Sommeliers have more knowledge about wine and this wine list won’t be any problem for them. Today, you probably sell 10 kinds of wine. A new sommelier will sell all wines from left to right. Very important thing is food pairing. Unfortunately, I heard yesterday one waiter recommended Amarone della Valpolicella with salmon, because “he loves both” ! It’s a terrible mistake ! Sommelier’s knowledge is much bigger and your guests will be very happy when they try perfect pairings like Sauternes with blue cheese or duck breast with pinot noir. Somme pairings can make the difference and next time guests will go to your place.

What’s more ? Sommeliers are not only specialists in wine and wine and food pairings. They also perfectly sell other beverages like Cognac, Whisky, Grappa. They know more interesting things about water, tea and coffee ! So, you will earn more by selling better beverages, better water, more expensive wines and alcohols. With good, long list of wines and professional staff your restaurant will be on the top, well recognized in the city.

If you engage one sommelier, the rest of your employees will learn accurate things about wines and food pairings, or alcohols. All positive things.

If you are not sure about it, we know well each other, I can help you find a good sommelier. But first, I can work at your place during one week (without any fee). You will see how your income will increase. The most important is that your guests will be delighted with excellent wines and magnifique food pairings.

I also will help you with arrangement of the wine cellar and help to buy good wine fridges.

I wish you had the best restaurant in this city !




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