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Salvatore Salerno, Best Sommelier of Italy 2014

Salvatore Salerno,  Best Sommelier of Italy 2014

Salvatore Salerno, Sommelier at restaurant Joel Robuchon from Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo, won the prestigious title of Best Sommelier of Italy ASPI for the year 2014.The final took place in Roncegno Terme, at the l'Istituto Alberghiero e di Alta Formazione, and gathered Salvatore, as well as Daniele Arcangeli,  second, and Marco Grassi, third.
Within the frame of the contest, Daniele Arcangeli  won the very first « Birra Moretti Prize» focused on creative food and bier pairing. For this Prize, the candidates had several tests in semi-final and final. In semi-final, all the competitors had to answer questions about beer, then taste two products from the Moretti family. For each of these bie rs, they had to suggest the best food pairing. During the final, they had a surprise test : serving a Moretti Gran Cru, as in a restaurant with customers around a table. 
This Prize shows that the sommelier profession is evolving, out of the world of wine. The sommelier is now dedicated to the world of beverages.
Birra Moretti, actor of the great Italian and international history, wants to share and support this evolution, put on the front stage a beverage more and more present on our tables,  beer. 
Daniele Arcangeli, born in Viareggio, got a great experience in Italy and abroad (Principe Forte dei Marmi, Badrutt's Palace of St. Moritz, Lido Palace of Riva de Garda). He is currently Sommelier consultant for several restaurants of Tuscany.
Marco Grassi, is Sommel ier at Metro Italy. 2014 is an important year for him as he passed the prestigious A.S.I. Exam last February, thus got his A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma. This Exam is available in every association active member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale all over the world. And ASPI is the unique Italian association recognized at the international level.
The panel of judges  was, once again, high level : Marco Larentis, President of the panel, Piero Sattanino, Best Sommelier of the World (1971), Giorgio Grai, eonologist internationally renowned, Ivan Persolja, President of the Sommeliers Association of Slovenia, with a Board member, Davorin Skarabot, Claudia Moriondo, expert in food and eonogastronomy, Giovanni Profumo, Director Confcommercio Trentino, Loredana Camin, province assessor for teaching and training, Federico Samaden, manager of the Istituti di Rovereto e di Levico Terme, Massimiliano Peterlana, restaur ateur and  President Fiepet, Giorgio Colli, specialized journalist for eonogastronomy, Nino Pappalettera, risponsable of the local ASPI coordinators  and Niccola Silini, restaurateur from Milano.
A special Thank you to the students and teachers of the Istituto Alberghiero e di Alta Formazione di Roncegno Terme for their involment and great professionalism!

The Nespresso Coffee SommelierTM Program A unique global coffee training program for professional sommeliers

The Nespresso Coffee SommelierTM Program
A unique global coffee training program for professional sommeliers

Haute cuisine has long meant the highest quality ingredients, skilful preparation and presentation partnered with the perfect wine to complement the dish. But can you approach coffee like wine?
Nespresso, with its passion for perfection and a quest to deliver the highest quality coffee, is leading by example in the world of high gastronomy. Its strong focus and commitment to creating extraordinary coffee experiences has started a quiet revolution in the world of fine dining, amongst the best gourmet establishments and the finest hotels. But more than that, Nespresso has been able to fulfill the needs of these professionals known for their perfectionism. Nespresso ensures that the quality, flavour and aroma profile of its Grand Crus is always consistent.
With the Nespresso Coffee Codex, Nespresso has found a way to transform its coffee expertise into an expert methodology for professional sommeliers around the world.  The Nespresso coffee experts are able to share their knowledge and experience with equally ta lented gastronomy professionals. This codex is the map for professional sommeliers to provide them with the directions firstly to be able to master the art of tasting coffee and secondly, to be able to pair Nespresso highest quality Grand Crus with other gourmet elements. Taking this one step further Nespresso also invites top sommeliers to its in-house Coffee Sommelier Programs each year. 
The Nespresso Coffee Sommelier Program is open to professional sommeliers worldwide that already have extensive skills in wine as well as other products such as chocolate and food. Once graduated from the academy, the sommeliers have a deep understanding of Nespresso Grand Crus and Green Coffee tasting and can conduct a sensory analysis of both the coffees themselves but also other culinary products, surprising their clients with individually suited coffee experiences. It completes their introduction to the Nespresso world of coffee.
According to world renowned sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini and Nespresso Coffee Codex co-author, âKnowing only about wine is a thing of the past for the professional sommelier. In order to be successful, he or she must master all the ingredients around the table: from spirits and waters to chocolates, cigars and, of course, coffee.â
âIn developing the Coffee Codex, we applied the vocabulary of wine tasting to the art of tasting coffee. Not only does this reflect the parallels between the two fields, it also enables the sommelier to effectively identify and describe the characteristics of coffee needed to make ideal pairings with other food and beverages,â explains Vaccarini.
At present, Nespresso has had the pleasure of welcoming and training over 150 of the worldâs leading sommeliers who can now add bring a speciali zation in coffee to fine dining across the globe.


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