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The Art of the Coffee Experience

The Art of the Coffee Experience: 
Nespresso perfects the tasting experience

Like a fine wine, that should only be savored from an appropriate glass to maximize its nose and taste, coffee benefits from being enjoyed from a perfectly designed vessel. Thus Nespresso has undertaken a partnership with experts to design a flawless vessel which elevates the coffee tasting experience. 
In a perfect harmony, Nespresso coffee experts and master glass makers Riedel came together to craft the most advanced tasting vessel from which to maximize the Nespresso Grand Cru sensory experience. Nespresso experts intimately understand the intricate relationships between terroir and variety in selecting exceptional green coffee beans for Nespresso Grands Crus. It is Riedel experts who understand the complex role that vessel size and shape play in conveying the message of a fine wine.  Together, Nespresso and Riedel experts created two tasting glasses to carry the very essence of fine coffee terroir to the coffee connoisseurâs palate.
Nespresso has take n the enhancement one step further by working with no less than 16 sommeliers in tests of the glassware in the Reveal Collection that confirm the coffee experience is taken to new levels. These included the renowned Giuseppe Vaccarini and ASI 2013 Best Sommelier of the World, Paolo Basso. The Intense glass increases the overall intensity of aroma and taste and the Mild glass develops the freshness, acidity and lightness of the coffee as well as the delicacy of the aromas. It also increases the smooth and sweet perception.
Bassoâs first impression of the glass was that it is ââRevolutionnaire! It creates a more distinct art of consumption, a deeper pleasure as well as a profound innovationâ.
Giuseppe Vaccarini commented that âThe glass improves the appreciation of a coffeeâs crema, it makes aromas more intense and elegant, it helps to discover the finesse and co mplexity and the different aromatic families.â
The Reveal Collection perfects the coffee experience by best conveying the aroma of the finest Grands Crus to coffee connoisseur. This tasting experience indulges all of the senses. The transparency of the tasting glass holds the delightful vision of coffee; the aromas are so specifically directed onto your palate as to satiate your nose; your touch is heightened through the elegance of the crystal and your ears awaken to the resonance of this enduring, quality material. This gives an innovative way for the world of fine dining to provide a totally unique coffee experience for their clientele.  This result of the partnership of two of the worldâs leading experts in their field is a world and something that elevates the art of coffee tasting to a whole new level and one that will excite and inspire not only coffee connoisseurs but also lovers of fine wine and gastronomy .


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